Delicious Gainesville Finds On a College Budget

If you are tired of going to the same restaurants where the food is overpriced and not spectacular, this is the blog for you. I will visit a different restaurant that may not necessarily be well-known but might have amazing food for a reasonable price. I love food and hope to find a few new favorite restaurants. Eating on a budget, without having to splurge on Ramen noodles every day, is always a plus!

Nov 1, 2009

The Crab Shack

Located at 104 NE Waldo road, this small restaurant is easy to miss. Sitting next to the Kangaroo gas station, one might look at the trailer-like building and imagine that the food could not possible be good. I was shocked after my first visit. The food was reasonably priced and well seasoned. Although the food is strictly takeout, the atmosphere of the restaurant was the last thing on my mind after I devoured the garlic crab. There were several meals that allowed you to sample many of the Crab Shack specialty items such as garlic crab and garlic shrimp. Homemade lemonade and juices showcased the southern, simply homemade style of the restaurant. The side items were also a surprising treat. Many of the sides were under 50 cents, which is something I rarely see on menus in Gainesville. Hush puppies, garlic crab and garlic potatoes were the highlight of my weekend thanks to the Crab Shack.

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