Delicious Gainesville Finds On a College Budget

If you are tired of going to the same restaurants where the food is overpriced and not spectacular, this is the blog for you. I will visit a different restaurant that may not necessarily be well-known but might have amazing food for a reasonable price. I love food and hope to find a few new favorite restaurants. Eating on a budget, without having to splurge on Ramen noodles every day, is always a plus!

Dec 13, 2009


Bento Cafe offers delicious Pan Asian and sushi entrees and a modern, colorful atmosphere to enjoy your meal in. Soft, contemporary music is usually playing in the restaurant while the red light illuminates the ordering area. Not a fan of the Chinese food that I have found in Florida, Bento does an excellent job of satisfying my Asian hunger. Customers are able to pick from a variety of dishes, most with a signature meat and sauce combination, and choose whether they want their meal with noodles or rice. I typically order the garlic chicken noodle bowl that is covered in a delicious brown garlic sauce and is complemented by carrots and onions. Bento also gives you the option of calling your order in ahead of time to avoid the sometimes long line that can form in the small front area. The portions at Bento are pretty good, but this is definitely not the restaurant for a starving college student down to their last dollars. Meals usually are about $8.

Dec 9, 2009

CiCi's Pizza

Today my roommates and I decided to take desperate measures, which we should have made use of earlier in the semester, and search through the piles of final exam reviews to find our beloved Gator Greenbacks. After deciding that we would want whatever we ordered to feed us for at least two days, we voted on ordering pizza of some sort. Cici's Pizza had the best coupon: two large pizzas with one topping each for $9.99. I was a little skeptical of the quality of the pizza after the server told us that it would take only 10 minutes for our pizzas to be ready. Although we were probably only about five minutes late getting to the restaurant, our pizzas still were only slightly warm once we got home. One of my roommates truly enjoyed the sausage and pepperoni pizzas. I was not overly impressed, although I may just be used to my delicious Chicago deep dish pizza. Overall, two pizzas for $10 was a great buy. Dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow has been taken care of for three girls. Thanks Gator Greenbacks.

CiCi's Pizza
3246 SW 35th Blvd.

Dec 8, 2009

Poor at the end of the semester?

Around this time of year, many students are starting to run out of their beloved financial aid money. Thank goodness their are decent coupons that are passed out in random locations around campus the beginning of the semester. Gator Greenbacks and the $100 themed The Campus Special book are filled with hundreds of coupons that definitely helped me and my starving roommates fill our bellies.